Planetary Dustoff

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Developer: Rymdfall
Release date: 20 February, 2019 on Steam Early Access and GOG Games in Development
Regular price: 14.99 USD, 12.49 EUR
Platforms: Windows, macOS

Planetary Dustoff is a moddable roguelite shooter. Go on a death riddled journey to sprawling alien environments and fight your way through hordes of enemies and epic boss battles. Take part in the revived Planetary Survey Program aboard the Space Station and help the Space Faction find a new home for humanity. Expand your Space Station with helpful allies and recover suits with special powers to choose from. Explore unique environments and delve into over a 100 different weapons and items!

Key Features


Shipping with mod support and scripting in Lua which allows the game to be extended with the ingenious ideas of the players.


Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 1 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 2 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 3 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 4 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 5 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 6 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 7 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 8 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 9 Planetary Dustoff Screenshot 10 Planetary Dustoff Concept Art Planetary Dustoff Logotype


Planetary Dustoff Credits

Programming, art and design: Rymdfall, consisting of Philip Montalvo and Albin Odervall
Music: Mycel, consisting of Mattias Johnsson and Robert Elster

About Rymdfall


Rymdfall is a two-man games studio consisting of Philip Montalvo and Albin Odervall, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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